Take away menu

 Take-away, available from the 1 st of June

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Take-away menu, 29 euros for 2 people.
until the 28th of June:

Bread with aïoli (v)
Japanese salad with soba noodles, tofu, green vegetables, egg and sesame seeds (v)
Kisir, Turkish bulgur salad (v)
Indian curry of cauliflower, apricotes and coconut (v)
Spanish potato tortilla(v)
Eastern curry cabbage (v)

A different vegetarian menu every week. Would you like to add meat? Or do you want to
choose your own selection of dishes? Three dishes per person makes a full meal. These are our

Cold dishes:
Turkish pide with aioli (v) 4.25
Focaccia met sea salt, rosemary and olive spread (vv) 5.25
Italian Sandwich with carpaccio, rocket salad, parmesan cheese, truffle mayonnaise and nuts 8.00
Lebanese wrap with chili-dip, roasted eggplant, mint, coriander, fried onion (vv) 7.50
Asian finger food (spring-rolls, samosas, crispy chicken, fried shrimp), 8 pieces 7.75
Salat Aswad Sudanese salad with eggplant and peanuts (vv, g) 6.25
Persian salad with cauliflower, bulger, pomegranate, dates, served with pita (vv) 7.25
Japanese salad with soba noodles, tofu, sugar snaps, broccoli, egg and sesame (v) 7.75
Beef Tataki Japanese thinly sliced, marinated beef with sesame, spring onion and soy 7.75
Vietnamese salad met shrimp, grapefruit, cucumber and coriander (g) 8.25
Poke bowl of salmon served with rice, avocado, sesame and spring-onion 8.75

Warm dishes:
Indian mulligatawny authentic curry soup (vv,g) 5.75
Suriname peanut soup with chicken, peanuts and fried cassava 5.75
Thai spring-rolls stuffed with shiitake, white cabbage and noodles with a spicy
sauce of plumbs (2 pieces) (vv) 6.75
Khao pad sap pa rot Thai rice with apricot, curry, pineapple and cashews (vv, g) 7.25
Iranian Fesenjan stew with chicken thighs, walnuts and pomegranate (g) 7.25
Arancini deep fried Sicilian risotto balls with truffle mayonnaise (v) 7.25
Indian curry with cauliflower, apricots, coconut, coriander, rice, poppadoms (vv) 7.75
Fried catfish with a coconut sauce from Zanzibar, red onion, ginger & chili (g) 7.75
Greek souvlaki grilled pork, served with tzatziki (g) 8.00
Sambal goreng udang, spicy Indonesian shrimp (g) 8.75
Fries with aioli (v) 3.00
Rice (vv, g) 2.25
Roasted cauliflower served with a Sichuan sesame sauce (vv) 4.75

Tropical bounty cake (vv, g) 3.75
Indian Shikrand Dutch ‘hangop’ with saffron, mango and pistachio (v,g) 2,75

v = vegetarian, vv = vegan, g = glutenfree
Order on our website, ór call us: 0317- 417 463
Take-away between 12.00 and 20.30 o’clock

press here to order your dishes!


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